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PMDD got your hands tied?

Every two weeks or so, it's the same thing...
You're going about life, minding your business and feeling great and then BOOM! Here she comes out of nowhere like a tornado charging through to ruin your life. Only this tornado isn't in and out, she sticks around for a week or two! Your hands are tied and there is nothing you can do about it.

You're all the sudden...
* Depressed.
* Paranoid.
* Crying over everything.
* Wanting to isolate yourself from the world.
* Loving your spouse one moment and hating them the next.
* Feeling sorry for yourself, and quite frankly wanting everyone to feel just as miserable as you are.
* Experiencing an appetite that reaches football team levels. You alone can consume mass amounts of food, yet never feel full.

The list goes on. The good news is it can get better. I was able to put PMDD in the backseat and guess what? I'm not special, you can do it too! Level Up to Level Out will teach you how


What is Level Up to Level Out?

Level Up to Level Out PMDD is a 12-week intensive video coaching program that provides you with the tools and skills to put PMDD in the backseat.  

Each week you will watch a new coaching video and be given a homework assignments to help you work towards being able to control your PMDD. 

There are three levels to this program.

Level 1: 

We will assess where you are and where you want to go.   

Before you can get on the right path to putting PMDD in the backseat and living your best life, you must deal with past trauma, aka "clutter". You can't heal nor grow if you are being weighted down by a bunch of junk that doesn't serve you.  

This is the hardest level, as you will learn who and what your demons are.

You will identify the things that have been holding you back, the lies you've been telling yourself, and letting go of past hurts. 

It's time to put the past in the past and ditch all the icky stuff that does't make you feel good! 


Level 2:

You will learn why you do what you do, and how to slay the demons that have been holding you back. 

We will cover all six of the human needs and identify the two that drive you and how to meet them. 

You  will learn a few CBT techniques to help push through trying situations and those major PMDD mode days. 

Are you ready to break free from the demons that have been haunting you and holding you back?

Level 3:

During this time we will cover lifestyle, nutrition and relationships.  You will learn what to eat to help elevate PMDD symptoms, and learn how to take the stress off your relationship during PMDD time. 

Most importantly you will learn how to grow, and set goal that you look forward to so that PMDD is not on your tope of mind. 

This is a beta program with beta pricing.  I would love your feedback at the end to help me improve or make positive changes moving forward if needed. 

About Natasha

Why am I the person to help you with your PMDD?

Great question, I'm glad you asked!  For starters, I suffered from PMDD for years, from my mid-teens to my early forties. I was officially diagnosed in my early thirties. Like yourself, I was desperate for help and I just wanted to be "NORMAL." After many failed treatments, I sucked it up and settled on the fact I would live my life being miserable every two weeks because the misery was better than what the pharmaceutical meds did to me. That's how I lived for several more years. Until I hit rock bottom...

I found myself in another failed relationship, feeling like a horrible mother, and I was to the point where every two weeks, I couldn't stand being around myself. I hit my breaking point. I had a choice... I could let PMDD win, or I could find a way to take back control of my life. I knew there had to be a way to heal. I was determined and I wasn't backing down. It didn't happen overnight, but I figured it out. Not only did I kick PMDD to the curb, but I overcame a love addiction as well.

While on my journey, I found my purpose. I learned I went through everything I did to help other women overcome PMDD. When I answered my calling, I took all the necessary steps to become certified to do so.

I am a certified life & relationship coach that specializes in PMDD & Love Addiction. I am also trained to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques as well as Human Needs Psychology. While all these fancy certifications are great, I believe it's my life experience that qualifies me to help you because I've walked in the shoes of hardcore PMDD! I call it "The Dark Place". However, I am happy to report I am currently PMDD free!

Sign me Up! I'm ready to level up!


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Level Up To Level Out PMDD


Make one payment prior to start date and the second a month later and you receive:

Level Up to Level Out Beta PMDD video coaching course. 

This is a selfstudy course. You will be able to work at your own pace! 

Access to me via email to ask questions regarding the program and homework assignments. 

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